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How Starfish See With Eyespots

How Starfish See With Eyespots Starfish, which are all the more experimentally known as ocean stars,â dont have any obvious body parts that resemble eyes. So how would they see? While it may not seem as though starfish have eyes, they do, despite the fact that dislike our eyes. A starfish has eyespots that can't see much in the method of subtleties yet can distinguish light and dim. These eyespots are at the tip of each of the starfishs arms. That implies that a 5-equipped starfish has five eyespots, and a 40-outfitted starfish has 40! Step by step instructions to See a Starfishs Eyespots A starfishs eyespots lie underneath its skin, however you can see them. In the event that you get an opportunity to tenderly hold a starfish, regularly it will tilt the finish of its arms upward. Take a gander at the very tip, and you may see a blackâ or red spot. That is the eyespot. Kid's shows that depict starfish with a face with eyes in the focal point of their body are along these lines erroneous. A starfish is really taking a gander at you with its arms, not from the focal point of its body. Its only simpler for sketch artists to depict them that way. Structure of the Sea Star Eye The eye of an ocean star is exceptionally little. On a blue star, they are just about a large portion of a millimeter wide. They have a section on the underside of each arm that has the cylinder feet that stars use to move. The eye is made of several hundred light-gathering units and is situated toward the finish of one of the cylinder feet on each arm. It is a compound eye like that of a bug, yet it doesnt have a focal point to center the light. This lessens its capacity to see anything other than light, dull, and enormous structures, for example, the coral reef it needs to live on. What Sea Stars Can See Ocean stars cannot identify shading. They dont have the shading distinguishing cones that natural eyes do, so they are visually challenged and see just light and dim. They likewise cant see quick moving items as their eyes work gradually. In the event that something swims by them quick, they essentially wont recognize it. They cannot perceive any subtleties since they have not many light-distinguishing cells. Tests have indicated they can distinguish huge structures, and even that was an amazement for researchers, who for quite a while figured they could just observe light and dim. Each eye of the ocean star has an enormous field of vision. On the off chance that the entirety of their eyes werent blocked, they could see for 360 degrees around themselves. They could likely restrain their field of vision utilizing their other cylinder feet on each arm as blinders. Ocean stars likely observe sufficiently only to have the option to get to where they need to be, on a stone or coral reef where they can take care of.

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Allow Gay and lesbians to be married Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Permit Gay and lesbians to be hitched - Essay Example In light of this, gay and lesbian marriage ought to be permitted in the general public. Same-sex relationships ought to be permitted in the general public. In any case, those contradicting this thought have come out with various realities to denounce the thought. Research shows that equivalent sex marriage is gainful to the general public and the nation sanctioning same sex marriage. Lipp (2013) contends that equivalent sex marriage is advantageous to the US and everybody. Lesbian, gay, cross-sexual, and transgender LGBT, contributes monetarily, socially, strategically and monetarily to American culture. Separations of LGBT rights brings down the pride of American individuals particularly LGBT. In any case, giving them their privileges, for example, legitimizing same sex relationships sets up their value and qualities as American individuals having equivalent rights like others (Lipp, 2013). Further, backing of same sex relationships gives esteems and builds up minority bunches that have languished over quite a while. Moreover, instances of derision and homophobia are diminished and enormous populace all through the US and different pieces of the world will relate well with LGBT. This is essential in decreasing instances of victimization gays and lesbians. Victimization same sex marriage or rights that are delighted in by same-sex people influences people supporting and rehearsing same-sex marriage mentally and socially. Nonetheless, permitting same-sex couples to have rights a similar way straight couples have helped them in decreasing instances of mental impacts and advance a sound society (Lipp, 2013). The examination shows that numerous equivalent sex couples in the US bring up kids. Be that as it may, youngsters raised by same sex couples have been distraught on the grounds that they detest the rights gave to them by the government simply like advantages gave to groups of straight couples. This influences youngsters,

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Introduction to Software Engineering

Question: Examine about the Introduction to Software Engineering. Answer: Programming Project Failure There are various elements for which a product task can bomb like brief timeframe, poor correspondence, deficient spending plan, insufficient testing process, process progress never checked on, absence of value confirmation, testing the item in live condition, not looking after normalization, and so on. It was discovered that the product extends that are grown just 16% of them get achievement and the a significant 53% of the product items face difficulties like substance insufficiency, cost invade, spending disappointment and so on and the staying 31% of the tasks are disposed of. Accordingly a large number of the product items in the IT business face disappointments and numerous fruitful items are fabricated taking thoughts from the bombed items. In the year 1980 a product item named TAURUS (Transfer and Automated Registration of Uncertificated Stock) was propelled for moving the stock trade administration of London to a mechanized framework (Maas et al. 2016). The product item was propelled to diminish the paper works of the stock trade and in this manner lessen the expense and time. TAURUS was intended to bring the possessions of the speculators of the London Stock Exchange in a unified database (David and David 2016). All the records of the investors, financial specialists, advertise producers, merchants and the people groups related with London stock trade was to be put away electronically in the incorporated database framework. This would decrease the time required for the money related and lawful advances that are required for the installment in the offer market. TAURAS had little rivalry in the market however it was propelled to oversee greater stock trade yet there was no to the point extension and it brought about creeping for new degree and greater speculation cost. The producer, fashioner and the people groups engaged with TAURUS proposed a few thoughts and architects attempted to execute the proposed thought on the live undertaking yet it was a disappointment and it costs a harm of 500 million pounds. TAURUS was disposed of in 1993 and new programming CREST had its spot which was unmistakably more proficient than TAURUS (Savolainen Ahonen and Richardson 2012). The principle explanation behind the disappointment of the TAURUS programming was the expansion of the intricacy of the framework and the association of the center man in the advancement of the product (Maas et al. 2016). A U.S. programming was purchased and it was attempted to be adjusted however a study was made and it was discovered that to meet the prerequisite of the London Stock Exchange about 70% of the codes was required to be changed. Reason of Software Project Failure The two significant explanations behind the disappointment of the TAURUS are as per the following. Making of a unified database: The main explanation was the production of a brought together database which requires a total change in the business procedure of the investors. TAURUS endeavored to make a brought together center point to record the exchange and record the information stream. It was made to maintain a strategic distance from the agent who had a significant job in the exchanging procedure of the offer. The aftereffect of presenting the framework was a fierce resistance by the enlistment centers or the agent who couldn't pick up benefit from the business any longer. For building up the product a timespan of 5 years was taken yet it couldn't change the business procedure lastly the methodology of the product was disposed of in the year 1989 (O'Regan 2012). The stock trade started to grow new plan for the product which would be satisfactory to all the partners. Intricacy of the task: Secondly the unpredictability of the undertaking expanded because of the reexamined structure of the product and inclusion of the partners in the gatherings. The new plan was actualized by adjusting a piece of the current framework that was purchased from U.S. Adjusting the product was an extraordinary test for the product engineer on the grounds that the codes of the purchased venture was obscure to the architect and the designer need to adhere to the British laws and guideline to change the product and act as indicated by the London stock trade strategy. It was noticed that to meet the prerequisite of the London stock trade approach about 70% of the codes was should have been changed and this adjustment in the codes caused lost time and the estimation of the buying of the product. The date that was fixed for the usage of the product got postponed for various occasions and the outside elements influencing the undertaking made the product item unusable lastly i t was disposed of in the year 1993. Along these lines the absence of the key choice and poor administration was the fundamental driver for the disappointment of TAURUS. Cascade Model Depiction of Each Phases of Waterfall Model The cascade model is the primary created programming improvement lifecycle that is executed to create programming. The cascade model comprises of 6 stages like prerequisite detail and examination, plausibility study, coding, structure, and unit testing, Integration, framework testing and support. Prerequisite particular and Analysis: Prerequisite social affair and examination: The reason for this progression is to amass all the related data concerning the item from the client to be created with a dream to without a doubt comprehend the prerequisite of the clients and to confront the irregularities and the inadequacy. Necessity particular: The client necessity recognized and accumulated into an archive known as SRS or Software Requirement Specification record. The indispensable segments of the record are: Utilitarian necessities: It includes the distinguishing proof of the capacity to be steady to the framework. Non-Functional Requirement: It incorporates the support of the presentation and the principles. The archive of SRS is composed by the end-client language and must be reasonable by the client and in the event that essential it will be surveyed, at that point endorsed by the client. It works like an understanding or agreement between the engineer group and the clients. Achievability Study In this progression we have to decide if it is monetarily in fact and opportune doable or not. In this procedure the issues with respect to the task is examined and the information in regards to the product item is gathered. While gathering the information we have to follow the accompanying advances: A theoretical issue definition which incorporates significant prerequisite just and overlooks the insignificance Detailing of various arrangement techniques Investigating of exchange arrangements and look at their advantages and drawbacks Coding and Unit Testing In this stage we decipher the product structure into a source code. Every constituent of the structure is executed as a module of program that is exclusively tried which is known as unit testing. Every unit is tried to check it is effectively working or not which a productive method to investigate the blunders. Plan In configuration stage the architect adjusts the necessity prcised in the archive of SRS into a structure that is fitting to be actualized utilizing programming language. There are fundamentally two kinds of approach for structuring. Customary Design Approach-There are two kinds of exercises in this methodology Organized investigation: Here the insights about the structure of the issue are inspected. Organized planned movement: Here the results of organized examination are changed into a product based structure. In the plan approach we have to utilize DFDs, ERDs. Article arranged plan approach-This is another framework where the items that emerge in the arrangement space and the emergency area are perceived. The relationship exists among them are distinguished. The upsides of this methodology are less improvement time and exertion, better upkeep and so on. Coordination and framework testing After the unit testing is over the modules are coordinated in a precise way and the testing for the framework is completed. The reason for this testing is guaranteeing a created framework is that is appropriately working or not and affirming the necessity of SRS record. Kinds of framework testing Alpha Testing-For this situation the framework testing is executed by the engineer group. Beta Testing-This kind of framework testing is executed by an inviting client set. Acknowledgment Testing-The client executes this testing without anyone else after the conveyance of the item for deciding if the item would be acknowledged or dismissed. Support Now and then upkeep needs substantially more exertion than building up the product. There are for the most part three kinds of support. Amending mistakes that are not uncovered during the period of item advancement is known as the restorative support. For improving the execution of the framework and to upgrade the utility as per the client prerequisite is known as perfective upkeep. Versatile upkeep is known with respect to the porting the product to another condition (another stage or PC or another working framework). Preferences of Waterfall Model and Examples The benefits of the old style model of cascade are as per the following: It is extremely easy to create. It is effectively reasonable on the grounds that the model is unyielding. It has an all around characterized data sources and yields for each stage, for example, expectations and achievements. It very well may be handily seen even by the non-specialized people (David and David 2016). It functions admirably for littler tasks in light of the fact that the prerequisite is surely known by utilizing this technique. The old style cascade model is proper for the little programming ventures where the necessity is unmistakably comprehended and less client collaboration is required for the improvement of the undertaking. The venture can be appeared to the client when the structure of the product is finished. On the off chance that there is any disappointment of the venture the misfortune is exceptionally high as the entire undertaking is required to be changed and in this manner it is applied for little scope programming ventures. Clarification of Main issues related with Waterfall Model The principle issue related with the cascade strategy is as per the following: It can't deal with the hazard that a genuine

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The Purpose Of This Paper Is To Describe My Personal...

The purpose of this paper is to describe my personal experiences in a small group, an organization, and my community. In this paper I will discuss my personal affiliation with these groups. I will also discuss the social context of the groups, ways these groups have affected my behavior and what changes they have had on my behavior. The paper will talk different theories that could be possibly be applied to my behavior in the groups. The paper will show relation of the groups to the greater environment in which they function, and problems in living that were faced within the groups. The Impact of Small Groups on Human Behavior A small group that currently has a significant impact on my life on my life is a†¦show more content†¦This theory is appropriate because in the beginning I analyzed the cost vs. the benefits and the comparison level. For me, the time it took to pack up my books, supplies, etc., and drive to the library and unpack once I got to the library was a major cost. I felt like that was valuable time I could have used to study. Once I was in the group, I realized the time I saved by being dividing the work up between three people and compiling group study guides off set the packing and travel time. In the end, I decided the benefits outweighed the cost, and the outcome of joining the study group were definitely better than my expectations had been. I am completely satisfied with my choice to join the group. Another theory that would be reflective of my experience in the study group is the behavioral group theory. Although punishment and control is not a significant issue in the group and there is no designated â€Å"leader† in the group, trying new behaviors, receiving feedback, and modeling, are all components of the group. I had never made flashcards to aid in studying until I joined the group, but I tried this new method of studying and found it very helpful. Receiving feedback on the way I perceive a topic from group members is also a great tool. It allows me to broaden my knowledge of the topic with a perspective other than my own. Modeling within the group is perhaps the most beneficial element of the group. All the members of the group are like minded andShow MoreRelatedMy Personal Philosophy Of Teaching797 Words   |  4 PagesTeaching The the purpose of this paper is to identify/describe and discuss my personal philosophy teaching. As I describe my theory of learning I will talk about experiences that have affected me. As well as identify areas of pedagogy that have influenced my personal philosophy. I will then describe how my philosophy teaching guide my teaching style. Personal Experinces My personal philosophy of teaching has its foundations in my experiences as a student. These experiences as a student haveRead MoreMy Personal Philosophy Of Nursing1407 Words   |  6 PagesPersonal Philosophy of Nursing The journey to development of my personal philosophy of nursing quite possibly began in my preteen and teenage years. It was brought about from experiences I had when I was doing missions work in Mexico. While these missions left quite an impact upon me, it did not end there. Time, age, experience and education also played critical roles in development of my personal nursing philosophy. These factors have helped my nursing philosophy grow and has allowed me to refineRead MoreMy Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Essay1481 Words   |  6 Pages Personal Philosophy of Nursing Seynor Massalee Kennedy South University Personal Philosophy of Nursing The purpose of this paper is to explore the personal nursing philosophy I intend to use in my career as a nurse and to explore my values and beliefs about the four metaparadigms – the patient, the nursing practice, their health and the environment, and the discipline of nursing in addition to discussing the nursing concepts relevant to my practice as a nurse practitioner. Read MoreReflection Of A Group Of Middle Aged Adults Essay1438 Words   |  6 PagesThis paper is a reflection of a group of middle-aged adults that discuss the biological, cognitive and psychological issues this group experiences. It is based on my observations and my interactions during my assignment one and from assignment two, the readings and lectures this research will describe the most important issues this life span is facing. These issues are evidence based from interactions, observations, and readings. I have, had interaction with this life span segment and reviewed literatureRead MoreWhy Student s Should Be Experienced Readers Without Teaching Exactly What Reading Means? Essay1703 Words   |  7 Pagesways of reacting to the material we have been exposed to. Age, past experiences, education, and relationships are some of the factors that can affect the conception an individual has about a text. The process of reading is taught in school by using a format that â€Å"fits† to every reader and offers the same outcome or product. In other words, they are expecting all of us to have the same comprehension from a single piece, but this is something almost impossible. Also keeping in mind that their â€Å"comprehension†Read MoreAchieving and Maintaining Invididual Excellence1597 Words   |  7 Pagesethics, values, experiences, and individual performance help develop and define a person’s individual excellence on a personal and professional level. Individual excellence will lead a person to be a better leader, manager, supervisor, and a better person in any organization. In this paper I will formulate a framework for achieving individual excellence as I focus on my ultimate goal of going into the human services field. This paper will examine a force analysis that lists my personal drives as wellRead MorePersonal Worldview Inventory 1 Essay1509 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿ Personal Worldview Inventory Grand Canyon University Spirituality HLT-310V Richard Hudock June 28, 2015 Personal Worldview Inventory My personal beliefs have formed me over the course of my lifetime by many different influences. Many people have made important impact in my life that have changed my beliefs in society and my life. The major two values that help determine my worldview are God and Ethics they are the ways that help me shape my beliefs, and life decisions. I feel theRead MoreTruth And Truth About Truth912 Words   |  4 Pagesnature of this â€Å"truth†? How do us people know when something is the truth? These questions will be answered in this paper using two different approaches and how I interpreted them. In this paper I will describe what truth is and how it is attained by using two different sections of my reference, then I will combine them into what I think truth is as a whole. â€Å"The whole purpose of reasoning, of logic, is to arrive at the truth of things†. This is what the author of â€Å"Being Logical†, my referenceRead MoreThe Effects Of Emotional Intelligence On Health Care Professionals1716 Words   |  7 PagesEmpathy is used to describe a wide range of experiences. It is the â€Å"capacity† to share and understand other people’s emotions and another’s â€Å"state of mind†. Empathy is being able to imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling while maintaining a state of vulnerability to one’s previous experiences, biases, and emotions. Empathy is a very powerful concept that is often misunderstood or discounted for its importance, especially for health care professionals. The use of empathy, vulnerabilityRead MoreEssay on My Personal Philosophy of Education1490 Words   |  6 PagesPhilosophy of Education Relating my reasons for becoming a teacher was not a very difficult task for me; to accomplish this task I simply needed to reflect upon and describe some of my own personal experiences. I relied basically upon my memories and thoughts about my own educational experiences. However, describing my philosophy of education was much more difficult task for me to accomplish. First of all, before I could properly describe my philosophy, I realized I needed a working

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Essay on Reflecting on Failure in English Class - 605 Words

Before my first semester of college began, I thought that if possible failure should be avoided. I believed that failure was not good for me because it would only show my weaknesses. The first day of English class, we learned that we would be talking about our failures throughout this semester and that we would be able to work with our failure and learn about the quality of it. At first that was a little scary to me because for the past few years I ignored my failures and only focused on my triumphs. As the semester went on, I learned that my failures as a classmate, as a group member, and as an individual would allow me to be a better student. If I were to grade the quality of my own failure I would give myself an A. During this†¦show more content†¦I think that I should have trusted my group members a little more even if that meant that things where not going to turn out exactly how I wanted them too. My role in my group was the cameraperson and I had film our part of the movie. I think I failed in that role because I should have been more prepared and organized on how and what I would be filming so that our time filming would not have been so hectic. Although we had some troubles and differences in our group, I would have to say that we all pulled our weight and did our share of work. Next time I have to work in a group, I think I will not be so scared to take the role as leader, and I will give my group members a chance to take control. As an individual, I did most of the things that were asked of me in order to support my own success but I think I could have done much more. Some of the things I did to support my own success include attending class regularly and on time, complete all assignments, and think though every activity we did in class. At the beginning of the semester, I completed all of the assigned readings but towards the end of the semester I did not always complete every one and I failed at not staying on task with the reading. I sho uld have also participated a lot more in class discussions. The reason to why I gave my quality of failure an A is because this semester has really taught me that failure is not a bad thing at all. Talking and writing about myShow MoreRelatedAn Annotated Bibliography Of Writing881 Words   |  4 PagesThis semester in English 102, I can definitely say my time was well spent. Each assignment that I completed benefited me as a student so that I could become a better reader and writer. With the skills I learned in this class, I will use them to my advantage in future English courses and other educational endeavors. Being able to read, write, research, and think are important skills to have in order to be successful in any area of study. Nevertheless, I believe that by taking this class I was able toRead MoreAnalyzing My Teaching Methodology643 Words   |  3 Pagesthree days that I have been listening to lectures by Dr Maftuhah, one significant thing that have left an impact on me is that the class has been making me busy to keep on reflecting my teaching styles that I have been using all these while. I was not a TESL student, which means that for my degree, I did not study to become a teacher. My course was all about English language and literature and we were never taught about theories that are related to teaching. Only after a year I have started workingRead MoreThe Basement Of The Ivory Tower1476 Words   |  6 Pages In his article â€Å"In the Basement of the Ivory Tower,† Professor X explains how our society pressures people to take college courses for which they are not equipped. As both a community college and private college adjunct English teacher, Professor X explains the goal of his courses is for the student to complete research, form opinions, put together facts, then write their papers. He provides examples where people must take a certain amount of college level classes to advance in their occupationRead MoreI Class, Family Values A nd Reflecting On My Early Education1742 Words   |  7 PagesThe most important ideas I gained from the Core I class, family values and reflecting on my early education experiences. Howard Zinn pointed out how the country’s collective history demonstrates people subjection to oppression. The quality of education is dependent upon educators’ ability to transform existing institutional models to meet the needs of students. However, concerns regarding the student’s outcome driven by today s political constraints are a significant concern in the school systemRead MoreThe Remains Of The Day By Kazuo Ishiguro And The Play Death Of A Salesman1549 Words   |  7 Pagesnot able to graduate high school because he failed his math class. Willy, in distress, hurries into the bathroom and continues to babble while his two sons, Biff and Happy, leave the restaurant abandoning their father. This memory that Willy recalls shows that he feels responsible for his son s failure and will never forget the reason Biff did not end up successful which ultimately led to the abandonment of father by son. When reflecting on the past a sense of regret arises when feelings of missedRead MoreI Am Happy For What I Have Achieved As A Writer968 Words   |  4 PagesDuring my two-year study in the United States, I have gone through many stages, all challenging, yet downright useful to my academic and personal life. I must admit that I had a zero impulse to write, but I was lucky to meet and work with real world-class writers who inspired me and helped me to be a good writer. Despite busy schedules and stressful mind, I took up the challenges and rode the tide. I always kept a notepad or journal beside my bed to write down my thoughts and memories that appearedRead MoreWhy I Didn t Not Trust Auto Save And Do It The Long Way?868 Words   |  4 Pages After a computer crash at 750 words, my latest lesson learned in this class is to not trust auto save and do it the long way every so often. Reflecting back, this issue was but a microcosm of the semester at large. There where assignment that I thought I turned in and didn’t. There was a really badly written research paper, and there where many other missteps along the way. Fact, I didn’t put the needed time into this class. I fancy myself a good writer, at least as far as stringing words and thoughtsRead MoreHow Much School Wide Achievement Effects The Relationship Between Early Childhood Education And Performance1368 Words   |  6 Pagesfirst assessment in English, children who needed special education, and had moved schools recently. They used those children because they thought those factors were academic risks faced by children. â€Å"For instance, repeating kindergarten, needing special education, or experiencing residential mobility are all established risk factors for poor school achievement In addition, not completing the first assessment in English is a risk factor because it indicates children had limited English skills, which isRead MoreThe Role Of State Standards On The Classroom1734 Words   |  7 Pageschapter about Sheltered Instruction strategies â€Å"†¦these strategies are not ‘remedial’ in nature and do not dilute’ or ‘water down’ instruction. What is the importance of this statement for all teachers? What is the importance of this statement for English Language Learners? The statement at the beginning of the chapter about Sheltered Instruction strategies implies the importance that teacher teach ELL learners the same grade level academic content of their peers. The modifications a teacher may useRead MoreEffective Teaching As An Effective Teacher1429 Words   |  6 Pagesimportance of portraying certain personal qualities as an individual such as; being loving and warm, and being enthusiastic - effective teaching is able to be achieved. Through drawing on personal experiences, as well as other people’s experiences and reflecting on experts such as Kounin and Kileen, readers are able to gain a more in depth understanding on how strategies relate to classroom management, the learning enterprise and what it means to be effective teacher. One of the strategies essential to

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Mexicans, Chicanos, Mexican Americans - 2395 Words

Mexicans, Chicanos, Mexican-Americans, Indigenous, and more are just a few of the terms used to refer to people of Mexican descent. Many Hispanics attempt to enter the United States in search of a better life and to have an enjoyable way of life. However, living in constant fear of being deported and consistently being judged simply because of one’s color, or the inability to communicate in English; that does not sound like the American dream. Typically, people have real reasons to emigrate to the United States, and it is in great part due to necessity. Most people have families they leave behind because they need money in order to survive and have food on the table every day, they see the United States as the solution to their problem. On another note, the 1960’s movements emerged during the Civil Rights era, in order to earn justice and rights for Mexican-Americans in the United States. After years of being ignored, Mexicans decided to take a stand through the help of activists, hoping to attain victories for the Chicano community. Overall, after constant oppression, Chicanos fought back all the harsh treatment through the Chicano Movement arguing for a broad section of issues; however, nowadays many racial problems continue to exist, such as SB 1070 and HB 2281, which were polemical bills classified as racial attacks; they were directly aimed towards Mexicans. The Chicano Movement arose during the Civil Rights era; it was a cultural and political movement, in order toShow MoreRelatedChicano Studies : Mexican American Families2154 Words   |  9 PagesDennise Nungaray Nungaray 1 December. 14,2016 Chicano studies Mexican American families The Hispanic population has grown significantly over years. This ethnicity has been a culture that has dominated the U.S. Nearly, 16 percent of Mexican Americans make up the U.S. population. The Hispanic culture has had an influence in life itself. This varies from expanding its religion, foods and customs. However, Mexican American has influenced other cultures but still remains at the bottom of theRead More The Chicano Movement: Struggles, Goals, and Accomplishments Essay examples1537 Words   |  7 PagesIn American history, civil rights movements have played a major role for many ethnics in the United States and have shape American society to what it is today. The impact of civil rights movements is tremendous and to an extent, they accomplish the objectives that the groups of people set out to achieve. The Mexican-American Civil Rights Movement, more commonly known as the Chicano Movement or El Movimiento, was one of the many movements in the United States that set out to obta in equality for Mexican-AmericansRead MoreThe Chicano Movement Of The United States987 Words   |  4 PagesDuring the late sixties and early seventies, a Mexican - American movement was taking place in the United States, The Chicano movement. This movement takes place because of the Mexican American society s suppression in the country. Indeed, during the years, 1966 to 1981 was a period where the Mexican American society was looking for equality and justice from the Government of the United States. In fact, they will start to organize their own communities, where the Government will accept their newRead More The Ethnicity of Mexians in the United States Essay1738 Words   |  7 PagesFor centuries, Mexican Americans have dealt with an enormous amount of hardships that date back to their early Aztec roots. The source of many problems in Mexican American history can be traced in the pre-colonial period, before the United States of America was even conceived. Major problems of this era in history not only affected the Aztecs, but also the following generations of Aztec and Mexican descent, and continue to have an impact on their descendents in contemporary American society. BeginningRead MoreEssay The Chicano View on Mexican Immigration1048 Words   |  5 Pages During the 1970’s, Mexican Americans were involved in a large social movement called the Chicano movement. Corresponding with the great development of the black civil rights movement, Mexican Americans began to take part in a series of different social protests in which they demanded equal rights for themselves. Composed mainly of Mexican American students and youth, these activists focused on maintaining a pride for their culture as well as their ethnicity to fuel their political campaign.Read MoreThe Chicano Subculture Essay635 Words   |  3 Pagesâ€Å"Im not Mexican. I am not American. I am not American in USA and Mexican in Mexico. I am Chicano everywhere. I do not have to assimilate anything. I have my own history†, stated the writer and novelist Carlos Fuentes. The Chicano subculture is the mixture of the Mexican and the American cultures. This subculture has its own hi story and unique characterizations that make it stand out. According to the Merriam Webster dictonary the word subculture is defined as â€Å"a group that has beliefs and behaviorsRead MoreChicano Movement Essay1250 Words   |  5 Pagesgo back to the end of the Mexican War when thousands of Mexicans became American citizens overnight. The sign of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo not only transfer land to the United States but also the people that live there before it became territory of the United States. These people began to suffer from discrimination in their owl land. Their sons and daughters did not have better luck because even thought they were born in the United States therefore they are American citizens also continue toRead MoreEssay Book Review1045 Words   |  5 PagesThe book, Honor and the American Dream: Culture and Identity in a Chicano Community, and the film, Salt of the Earth, both relay to their audience, the pursuit of happiness within the Chicano community i n which they live. These works aim to show how Mexican-American immigrants fight to keep both their honor and value systems alive in the United States of America, a country which is foreign to their traditions. The Mexican-Americans encountered in these works fight for their culture of honor inRead MoreEssay about The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo1484 Words   |  6 PagesTreaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1948 would have lasting negative effects on Mexican Americans. The Treaty was signed after America had won the Mexican American war. America gained possession of the southwest states that had been part of Mexico for the price of around eighteen million dollars. In Article IX of the Treaty, it states that the Mexicans shall be maintained and protected in the free enjoyment of their liberty and property, and secured in the free exerciseRead MoreThe Cultural Practices That Chicanos / Chicanas1131 Words   |  5 PagesThe cultural practices that Chicanos/Chicanas partake in such as being pachucos and pachucas, being actively involved in feminism, creating music and using stereotypes in film reflect their struggle to attain freedom and empowerment against Anglo society and within themselves. The various elements that make up Chicano culture have helped them resist Anglo culture and develop subcultures within the Chicano community. In addition, it h as also allowed them to free themselves from the idea of becoming

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Question: Discuss About The Differences Quality Perceptions Stakeholder? Answer: Introduction The learner is a housekeeping head in the Hong Kong branch of Marriott International. The learner has some very god prior experience of working in the same position but with the different employers. It has been few months since the learner has started working for the company. Being a housekeeping head, the learner has the responsibilities to monitor the day-to-day operation of the hotel premise. Nonetheless, service standard is of utmost importance in the hotel sector (Dedeo?lu and Demirer 2015). This is why the responsibilities are also very high. The learner has indeed maintained a very good work reputation so far. The learner is very punctual with his work. The learner continuously monitors the works in the hotel premise. The primary mode of monitoring is the checking of database that the housekeepers maintain on a day-to-day basis regarding the cleaning works in the different departments of hotels. The learner does also look for the visitors feedback as those feedbacks will help to realize the needs for change in terms of housekeeping works. Additionally, the learner also makes a weekly physical visit to the different parts of hotel to find whether everything is right. How have you ensured system reviews are used to improve customer service? The learner has good experience of working as a housekeeping head which is why the learner does take care of the system reviews in order to ensure an enhanced customer service. System reviews are done with the help of various ways. One of the ways is the checking of database that has been mentioned on a daily basis by the housekeepers (Tang, Wang and Tang 2015). They are needed to enter the works they do on a daily basis. In addition to this, the learner does also monitor the customer reviews on the different social media platforms. The data thus obtained helps the learner to compare it with the one maintained by the housekeepers. This helps the learner to understand the areas of improvement. These are the few basic ways that the learner uses it to maintain a high standard of customer service. How have you ensured all staff is involved in continuous improvement in their day-to-day activities? The learner believes that employees are a valuable asset to an organization. If they are committed to their responsibilities things will happen (Huang et al. 2015). Realizing the fact, the learner has always tried to keep the housekeepers motivated to help them feel good about their job. The learner encourages its housekeepers on a regular basis. The housekeepers are also being given some practical training in times when they struggle to justify their responsibilities. The learner sometimes shares its own experience being the housekeeper in its early career. Through this, the learner is able to connect with the housekeepers which are quite necessary to encourage them for a motivated work. The learner also appreciates their commitment at the time when there are work pressures and housekeepers are required to work for over time. References: Dedeo?lu, B.B. and Demirer, H., 2015. Differences in service quality perceptions of stakeholders in the hotel industry.International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management,27(1), pp.130-146. Huang, M., Li, P., Meschke, F. and Guthrie, J.P., 2015. Family firms, employee satisfaction, and corporate performance.Journal of Corporate Finance,34, pp.108-127. Tang, T.W., Wang, M.C.H. and Tang, Y.Y., 2015. Developing service innovation capability in the hotel industry.Service Business,9(1), pp.97-113.

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How to Fix 404 Errors in WordPress Using 301 Redirects

Looking to fix 404 errors in WordPress? Then read on, as todays beginner-friendly tutorial shows you how.When faced with the 404 error page, many visitors are quick to assume that the website they are visiting is broken. After all, they arent seeing the web page they were expecting to. Instead, they get something like this:However, this assumption is incorrect. A 404 error does not necessarily mean that something is wrong with your website at all.A 404 error simply means that the requested URL cannot be found. This could be the result of a broken link, or something as simple as a typo. In other words, 404s are classified as a client-side error – something the visitor has done wrong, whether directly or indirectly.Even so, 404 errors will inevitably reflect badly on your website – especially to visitors who fail to understand their cause. They can create problems, too, as lots of errors will undoubtedly hurt the visitor experience. And, if the missing webpage is a sales page, well, that pretty much destroys any possibility of scoring a conversion from that visitor.Hopefully, now you understand that, while 404 errors might not be your fault (although some are), they need to be fixed. And fortunately, theres a plugin for the job perhaps your best solution to fix 404 errors in WordPress its called Redirection, available for free from the official repository: Redirection Author(s): John GodleyCurrent Version: 4.4.2Last Updated: September 29, 86%Ratings 19,796,876Downloads WP 4.8+Requires Today, we are going to look at three common causes of 404 errors, and how to use the Redirection plugin to fix them using 301 redirects. While you can create these 301 redirects without using a plugin by editing the .htaccess file manually, the Redirection plugin is the quickest and easiest solution to fix 404 errors in WordPress.How to fix 404 errors in WordPress: the possible scenariosThe three scenarios we are going to be looking at are:Changing URLs yourself.Problems with inbound links pointed at known destinations.Problems with inbound links pointed at unknown destinations.Scenario one: changing URLs yourselfThis is the one scenario we have full control over.If, for whatever reason, we decide to change our URLs – most likely a result of changing permalinks – then all of our existing URLs become redundant, effective immediately.For example, when we switch from to, the original URL no longer exists. Requesting that URL will return an error.Of course, we still want our existing posts and pages to work. Therefore, we need to configure 301 redirects to resolve the problem.A 301 redirect is the best redirect in most situations – it tells the search engines that the web page has permanently moved. As a result, the search engines wont penalize you for the changes, and your SEO ranking is preserved – read more about the redirect types here. Fortunately, the Redirection plugin specializes in 301 redirects.Lets break scenario one down into two further possibilities:a) Existing URL changesIf youve already changed your URLs, youre probably experiencing lots of 404s, right? Thats bad news for everybody, so its time for a quick firefighting job – or a long one, depending on how big your website is.In this situation, youre going to have to create the 301 redirects manually.Start by making a note of all your old URLs and the corresponding new URLs. Now navigate to Tools / Redirection.Under the Add new redirection heading, add one of your redundant URLs in the Source URL field. Although there are numerous options for the Match field, URL only works best here, so leave it as is.Similarly, because we know the target location for our web page, we can leave the Action field set to Redirect to URL. Leave the Regular expression field blank.Finally, input the correct URL in the Target URL field. Finish by clicking the Add Redir ection button.Now we need to test the redirect. Visit the old URL and, if youve configured the redirect correctly, youll immediately be relocated to the correct URL.Great, your first attempt to fix 404 errors in WordPress is a success!This is quite a laborious process weve discussed, as it involves creating a manual redirect for every single page. If its not too late, there is a better way, thoughb) Future URL changesIf youre considering changing your URLs, do yourself a favor and install the Redirection plugin now. This will save you a lot of time and frustration down the line.This is because Redirection will track all changes to existing URLs and automatically create a 301 redirect when it detects any changes.Before you start, click through to Tools / Redirection, then click on the Groups tab. Name your group, set it to WordPress Posts, then click Add.Now go to the Options tab, find the Monitor changes to posts field, and select the group you just created. Hit Update.Go into a pos t, then click to edit the URL extension. When youve made your changes, hit OK and then Update.Now, when you navigate back to Tools / Redirection, you will see the plugin has already done the hard work. It has already created a 301 redirect, pointing the old URL at the new one:Scenario two: incorrect inbound links pointed at known destinationsFor most 404 errors, youre completely blameless, though. For example, we all want lots of inbound links from high authority websites, right? But what if those websites make a mistake and point their link at the wrong place?In this situation, anyone who clicks that link will arrive at a URL that doesnt exist, producing a 404 error. As you have no control over the external website, how do you go about fixing this problem?One option is to reach out to the webmaster regarding any known broken links. Failing that, you can turn to the trusty Redirection plugin again.Navigate to Tools / Redirection. Next, click on the 404s tab. This screen will list al l of the 404 errors generated on your website. Go ahead and try it out by attempting to visit a URL on your site that doesnt exist – the Redirection plugin will flag the 404 error in real-time.Now, not all 404s are worth fixing, but if you see one URL appearing multiple times, you might want to point it at the right place. If the right place is obvious, that is.When youve determined where the link should be pointed, click the Add redirect button.Add the correct URL in the Target URL field. Again, leave the Match and Action options on the defaults, and hit Add Redirection.Easy, huh? Now try to visit the broken link, to confirm that your redirect is active.Scenario three: incorrect inbound links pointed at unknown destinationsIn scenario two, we fixed links pointed at the wrong place when the correct destination could be determined.This wont always be the case, however, or perhaps some links simply arent worth the bother of fixing as theyre so infrequently used.Remember: you ca n never prevent or fix 404 errors in WordPress entirely. They are just a part of running a website. The question is: how do you keep the impact of a 404 error to a minimum?This is the default error message produced by the Twenty Sixteen theme. Lets be honest: a page like this one is no use to anyone, right?Even if the correct destination cannot be determined, you can still serve the customer something more useful than this. For example, you might refer visitors to your most useful resources to get them up and running. Or you might simply redirect them to another existing page, such as the homepage.Every WordPress theme ships with a default 404 error page, but they arent always the most helpful or creative, as weve just demonstrated. If you want to customize your 404 page, you can do so by editing your themes 404.php file or by installing a plugin.If you go the plugin route – and its by far the more user-friendly option of the two – I recommend the 404 Page by SeedProd plugin: 404 Page by SeedProd Author(s): SeedProdCurrent Version: 1.0.0Last Updated: July 16, 100%Ratings 11,134Downloads WP 3+Requires This option wont fix 404 errors in WordPress per se. However, by presenting visitors with a useful alternative to the content they were looking for, they are far more likely to remain on your website. And maybe you can still score that conversion after all.How do you fix 404 errors in WordPress? Share your thoughts, and feel free to ask any questions in the comments below!Free guide5 Essential Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress SiteReduce your loading time by even 50-80% just by following simple tips.

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Direction and Purpose Essays

Direction and Purpose Essays Direction and Purpose Essay Direction and Purpose Essay Metaphors provide originative images for readers. They give spirit to literature and let free reading of a piece ; thereby doing a conversation in a narrative. an image in a verse form. a symbolism in the secret plan and such. more interesting. Through the usage of such a figure of address. the images are laid bare and presented fresh. This creates an interaction between the reader. the writer and the piece ; as readers are made to analyse the images presented and the thought that the metaphor is seeking to present. It seems the verse form. Manila . expeditiously develops the metaphor that is the Philippines society during the colonial epoch. through a timeline. It takes the job of colonial Manila into the modern Filipino mentality. The verse form begins with an debut [ Lines 1-3 ] . which gives us the first glance of the similarities between the metropolis of Manila and the anchorite crab. The wining stanzas [ 4-8 ] elaborate the physical conditions of the country’s capital and eventually. the verse form concludes [ l9-14 ] with the outlook upheld by the state. To appreciate how metaphors lay au naturel Espino’s Manila . allow us analyse the imagination create in the verse form. line by line. Unlike most verse forms. Manila begins with an epigraph from Nick Joaquin. which reads: Dust and pediculosis pubis. dust and pediculosis pubis. We can presume that this quotation mark gives a foreview of what Federico Espino’s verse form will foreground. Though really small is conveyed in this line. we are able to say that the metaphor will keep significance to the verse form proper. Dust may be described as either something that depicts age or some remains of an detonation. We besides know of pediculosis pubis as an animate being that crawls and has claws. Pediculosis pubiss are besides able to last on land for short periods of clip and can literally populate on dust. Manila begins with the line: A anchorite crab beside the tide of times. if we look at the construct of the anchorite pediculosis pubis as a description of Manila. the line simply tells us that clip has passed. It tells us that Manila has an old history and that it has endured much. The following line: She bears the hints of her former homes/ the shells of foreign civilizations and the sludge. tells us that the country’s history contributes much to its individuality. The metropolis has withstood much to the point that it is now stray and delayed in comparing to the developments of other states. The former homes are the shells that the crab has already left buttocks. The foreign cultures such as that of the Spanish. British. Nipponese and Americans have all freed the state. yet their influences – dating back to colonial times – still linger. But as anchorite pediculosis pubis changes its shell. Manila now looks for a new shell of protection as she enters another epoch – whilst seeking to retain its individuality. Even with the passing of clip. the mix of civilization is still protected and preserved. which the storyteller describes as both positive and negative – connoting that though the aliens have given us a rich civilization. they have made us digest much slime and crap ( sing that sludge is a gastropod’s mucous secretion secernment ) in order to take what was justly ours – freedom. In the succeeding lines: Now she looks for nutrient as little moving ridges comb/Upon the shore where spots of driftwood lie . we now see a way in the verse form. Again it foreground how the anchorite crab hunts for something and we now see she looks for nutrient. Keeping in head that nutrient is parallel to life – since it is necessary in prolonging life – the anchorite crab looks for nutriment in a topographic point which apparently has really small to give. From Nick Joaquin’s Sa Loob ng Maynila . we understand the desolation in the metropolis when it served as the centre of the revolution. and we see that get downing anew is hard when 1 is left on what is being portrayed as a abandoned island. As expected. she finds nil in her hungry quest/ Alternatively she hears the strident seagull’s cry/ Which is a shriek beyond the rockbound nest. In these lines. the sea gulls – natural marauders of the anchorite crab – are foreign states. We can presume that non merely are we looking up at the sea gulls but that they are besides in a place to take advantage of us. In relation to the Philippines’ history. foreign states are surging. Other states advancement and it is a jeer when – ironically – the states we defeated contending for our independency are now more stable than we are – they still rise above us. We are still beneath them in a sense to the point we have to creep in order to acquire anyplace. These lines are simply making the image of a 3rd universe state. All seems ineffectual. particularly when you have nowhere else to travel. It mocks her as she crawls upon the sand- The sidewise motion of the anchorite crab/ Which Dylan saw on a deserted strand/ And used as a metaphor in runic letters that throb It is possible that Dylan represents a alien ( since it is a typical name for an American male child ) and he saw our aimless wandering and toke advantage of it – nevertheless. this is more of a intuition than a legitimate statement. What is clear though. is the point of our crabwise motion. which is the natural way a anchorite crab follows. By this we can agree that the motion has become unconditioned. We are non traveling frontward. We want so much. yet work so small. Possibly. these lines besides imply that we search in all the incorrect topographic points. With life. Yes. this metropolis is a brace of claws/ Creeping. crabbing with all its tragic defects. These last lines of the verse form sum up the purpose of the full verse form. Here it is implied that the people of the Philippines are cognizant of the harm in their society. Slowly. about lifelessly. the Filipinos effort to travel through the things we dislike in our state. We complain so much yet we do really small – and possibly that is our ruin. True there is no prefect state. but in most states you see a patterned advance. In mention to Nick Joaquin’s opening epigraph. possibly the dust is the remains of those states that one time colonized us. We neer bothered to clean up what was left to us – good and bad. Espino intimations that possibly that is why we are non traveling frontward. there is excessively much to repair all at one time. And this can be related to what we call crab mentality or the Filipinos’ attitude of clawing at those who have gotten in front to draw them back once more. We creep and crawl in our ain defects – in our ain errors – alternatively of picking ourselves and walking. It is our ain claws that hold us back. The generalisations made by Espino are obvious. Though the rubric is Manila is it clear that the metropolis. being the heart of colonial Philippines. is a synecdoche for the full state. And when all facets of Espino’s Manila are examined. we see that the metaphor is in the intricate. descriptive design of the Philippines as a anchorite crab trapped on a abandoned island. Though she is trying to get away. she is creeping blindly in no peculiarly way. It seems non much has alteration. Though Manila was written a long clip ago. it is comparatively surprising that the text pigments Manila in a sad. accurate mode. We fought for our freedom. Now we simply struggle with it. It seems our state can non make up ones mind independently ; like a anchorite crab. we depend on our symbiotic relationships. We can non last entirely and we rely on what can be give to us by those who protect us. The dependance relayed in the verse form explains why we have no way. no intent. and no resources. We are – genuinely – stuck.

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History Quiz Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

History Quiz - Assignment Example Congress was not given the authority to levy taxes. It could only request the various states to contribute to the common treasury. This was the reason why the taxes were levied by the state legislatures. The Articles of Confederation was delayed by almost five years due to the fight between Maryland and Virginia concerning the land claims. It was finally approved by Maryland and the articles came into effect. In 1776, when the declaration of independence was passed, all the states of the United States drafted and adopted new constitutions that helped to a greater degree in the formation of the modern constitution. This step shows that government can be formed by â€Å"reflection and choice† rather than by â€Å"force† or â€Å"accident†. Women in New Jersey were allowed to vote in the same condition as the men, that is if they were the owner of specific properties. As the married women did not have any right to property, hence, they were disallowed to vote. Thus, in this respect, unmarried women and widows with property only had the right to vote. Mary Dewees visited Lexington on 1st December being escorted by Mr. Gordon and lady. She says that Country Lexington is a clever little town with a courthouse and jail and few pretty good buildings in it chiefly log. The people were genteel there and the lady envisioned good times for herself. With the passage of time and increase in population the various needs of the people changed. To keep a tab on the varying needs and help the individuals to understand the current affairs and have a stack on things the census was conducted. Alexander Hamilton was faced by a huge national debt. To solve this problem James Madison and Thomas Jefferson suggested a compromise. They promised to support locating national capital on the banks of the Potomac River that was a border between the two southern states, Maryland and Virginia in support of exchange of southern votes.

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Abstract (Short version) Outline Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Abstract (Short version) - Outline Example As a creative artist, I integrated Sukhothai artistic forms into my art works, to prove the emotional effect. Literature review helped to gather background information about aspects of Thai arts. Another approach used was, the experimental jewellery making. Here, I applied Sukhothai artistic forms into my jewellery. When I wore my finished jewellery, this sparked an emotional effect of calmness and tranquillity in my mind, thus proving the interaction between Sukhothai jewellery, Buddhism, and the mind. Nonetheless, the study objective was achieved; as I was able to prove the relationship between artistic forms in Thai jewellery, and the emotional effect these have on the mind. This study results will benefit lovers of jewellery, and encourage more to possess jewellery. The Thailand artists will be motivated to invest in, and enhance their jewellery designs. This Thai cultural aspect will thus, become popular. This might also result in increased global demand for jewellery, because of its proven

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Bystander Effect Essay Example for Free

Bystander Effect Essay Introduction – This study researched the implications of the bystander effect when both gaze and no gaze methods were used. It tested this with woman to woman interaction only. The belief was that when gaze was held between the subject needing assistance and a random subject the expressed desire to help would raise. Methods Participants – For participants the study used one hundred and ten adult American women waiting alone at a bus stop in Staten Island, New York. Apparatus/Materials – two women dressed in plain clothes, a pocket full of change, and conducted at a bus stop. Procedures – Two women dressed in plain clothes or one woman alone approached a bus stop where a solitary other woman already was(the subject) one of the women had a cast on her dominant hand. The woman with the impairment reached into her pocket on the side of her casted hand with the opposite hand and attempted to draw coins from the pocket. Upon doing this she dropped the coins over the sidewalk. After the coins had fallen she either made eye contact with the subject or just proceeded to pick up the coins. If the subject assisted in picking up the coins or helped identify where the coins were she was considered helpful. IV – the woman dropping the coins DV – whether or not the subject assisted in picking up or finding the coins. Results – In the gaze versus no gaze condition with a companion 70% of the subjects assisted rather than 30% that assisted when no gaze was used. When no- gaze was used and tested alone versus with companion a significant difference was seen. 33% helped when the person in need of help was alone as opposed to 11% when with a companion. Discussion – this research shows that a subject can feel increased responsibility when someone else is in the vicinity and gaze is held rather than when the subject is alone and gaze is held versus gaze not being held. A possible answer for his is that when two or more people are around and someone in distress makes eye contact they are showing a distinct desire for that person rather than the other people around who they could ask for assistance. This makes a subject feel more responsible to help rather than if they would have not made eye contact because the distressee is asking indirectly for help. The difference in between look and non- look while alone was less significant because the bystander already seemingly had a sole responsibility to help and not expect someone else to and so looking at them wasn’t as much asking them specifically rather than a plea for help. Limitations – the person in need of help could be asking for different amount of help with just there facial expressions. Certain females may prefer other females more than others and be more inclined to help. Future Research – this study can be held again but rather than having solely female to female interaction, male to female and female to male interaction can be had.

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Apollo 13 Essay -- Apollo 13 Essays

Apollo 13 Questions 1.I’d first have to say that the head of mission control on the ground was definitely important in the salvaging of Apollo 13. He was faced with problem after problem yet he kept a somewhat level head through all of it and managed the engineers and other people involved back at Houston very well. Jim Lovell’s piloting skills played a rold in the crew’s survival as well. When he had to set the ship’s course for Earth manually it took a great deal of skill and patience and he deserves credit for that. Ken Mattingly might not have made it to space, but his extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the spacecraft saved the lives of his friends when they had a power crisis. 2. One particular problem during the Apollo 13 mission was a build up of carbon dioxide in the spacecraft. The CO2 scrubbers designed to filter out the gas weren’t working properly and as time progressed and the astronauts breathed more the situation worsened. To solve this problem NASA pooled together some engineers to come up with a design for a makeshift filter using common items onboard the space craft and an existing filter from another section of the spacecraft. 3. The general public and the press seemed disinterested with the Apollo 13 mission. Since we’d already beaten the Russians to the moon, no one in the general public put much interest into NASA anymore. The space race was decided and the public lost interest in NASA With no audience for the story, the...

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Marble Chip Investigation Essay

Fair Test To make it a fair test and make my results more accurate I will try and keep all variables constant except the concentration of the acid. This will include weighing the marble chips every time and trying to use lumps of roughly the same size to keep the surface area fairly constant as a change in surface area will affect the rate of reaction. I will try and avoid a change in temperature and I will use the same equipment throughout the tests. Each concentration will be repeated at least once to improve accuracy as an average can be taken. Research The rate of reaction depends upon two factors, the number of collisions within a time between the reactants, and the fraction of these collisions that are successful. Therefore, the higher the concentration of the reactants, the higher the rate of reaction because there will be an increased number of collisions, this is called collision theory. However, for the reaction between the two reactants to be successful, they must collide with enough energy to react, the energy needed to react is known as  activation energy. This can be shown on a graph like the one below, I believe this graph is similar to what the energy diagram would be for my investigation. This shows that my chemical reaction will be exothermic, therefore it will release more energy than it uses to react. Therefore, at a higher concentration, there will be more reactions releasing energy in the form of heat that will enable more particles to reach their activation energy level and react. This shows that the rate of reaction will increase with the concentration of acid. Prediction After having done some research I feel that I can make an education prediction concerning what will happen during my investigation. I predict that the higher the concentration of acid I use, the faster the rate of reaction will be. I think this because the higher the concentration is, the more acid particles there will be to collide with the marble chip with enough energy to cause a reaction as explained in collision theory. I also believe that the rate of reaction will increase with concentration of acid because the chemical reaction I am doing is an exothermic reaction. Therefore, it will release energy as the reactions take place, this will give more energy to other particles around it and will cause the reaction to speed up as more particles reach their activation energy and collide with enough energy to react. Preliminary test results I started with 10g of marble chip and 100cm3 of 2M acid, the reaction was too fast and could not be accurately measured. I then tried 3g of marble chip with the same amount of 2M acid (100cm3), this worked fine, however, when the 0.4M concentration was tested the reaction was too slow and could not be accurately measured due to our scale. I then tried 6g of marble chip and it gave 135 cm3 of CO2 with the 2M concentration and 5 cm3 of CO2 with the 0.4M concentration. I felt that this would give us a good range of results so I  stuck with those measurements based on my preliminary tests. Observations When we had done our experiment we realised that we could benefit from some tests with other concentrations of acid to increase accuracy. Therefore we decided to do tests with 1.8M, 1.4M, 1M, 0.6M and 0.2M acid. However, when we did these tests they produced a much higher volume of carbon  dioxide than we would expect from our previous results. I came to the conclusion that this would have to be down to a change in one of the variables. Looking at the variables it was possible that it could have been temperature or surface area of the marble chips that caused the change, but as there had not been any large change in these variables it was unlikely that they would have such a clear affect on the results. After doing a few tests I found that it was the acid that I was using that had affected the results, I had started on a new batch of acid as the previous bottle had run out. Even though both batches of acid were labelled as being 2M, it was clear that one was stronger than the other and therefore increased the rate of reaction as the chance of acid particles colliding with the marble chip had been increased as there were more acid particles. Due to this, I plotted there results as a separate line, however, the results still show the same pattern and are therefore still useful in concluding the relation between gas given off and the concentration of acid, as explained by collision theory. Conclusion As you can see on the graph, both lines go up in a smooth curve. This shows that there is a correlation between concentration of acid and the volume of gas given off. As the concentration of acid increases so does the volume of gas, therefore they are proportional. The gradient of the line gets steeper as the concentration increases, this means that there was a larger increase of gas produced between 1.6M and 2M, than there was between 0.4M and 0.8M, even though the increase in concentration of acid was 0.4M in both. The graph shows that at higher concentrations of acid, more carbon dioxide was produced but in the same amount of time. This shows that at higher concentrations, the rate of reaction must have been faster to produce more products in the same time period. This can be explained by collision theory and the ideas on activation energy that I explained in my research and prediction. In my prediction I said that more gas would be given off with a higher  concentration, these results show that I was correct. This is because due to collision theory, in a low concentration of acid the acid particles are spread far apart. This means that there is very little chance of acid particles colliding with the marble chip with enough energy to react. In a high concentration, the acid particles are closer together as there is more of them within the same volume. This means that there is a much higher chance of collision with the marble chip, and there is more energy due to the energy being produced by the reaction, which is exothermic, this causes the reaction to be faster. This can be seen in my results, the 2M acid gave an average of 134.75cm3 of carbon dioxide, where the 0.4M concentration only gave an average of 4cm3 of carbon dioxide. The rate of reaction is reduced by a decrease of particles within the same space. Evaluation Accuracy of results I feel that my experiment was accurate because the results made a smooth curve on my graph. I did have a problem with the 1.8M, 1.4M, 1M, 0.6M and 0.2M acid results, as the acid appeared to be stronger than it was labelled. However, I resolved this problem by plotting the results as a separate line on my graph and they still showed a very similar curve to the other one showing the same relation between concentration of acid and the volume of gas given off. This shows that it was probably just the concentration of the acid that caused the problem and not my execution of the experiment that caused the results to be slightly different than what was expected. I think that my results could have been better as there was some variation between my four results for each of 2M, 1.6M, 1.2M, 0.8M, and 0.4M. However I do not feel this problem is major as the variations were relatively small as is shown by the error margins drawn on my graph, but there is still room for improvement. Possible Improvements If I was to do this investigation again I would try and keep some of the variables constant that I had less control over. The investigation was carried out over a few days so the classroom temperature may have varied. This could have had a slight effect on the rate of reaction making my results less accurate. Although the marble chips were roughly the same size they weren’t all exactly the same shape. If I could find a way to make the marble chips all the same shape and size then the investigation would be fairer as the surface area of the marble chips would be constant. If I was to do this investigation again I would try and use only one batch of acid for the whole experiment because as I found out, the acid supplied isn’t always exactly the strength that it says it is. I would also try to use a more accurate piece of equipment to measure the volume of gas produced, using a measuring cylinder did not provide the best accuracy that was open to me. I could have achieved a higher level of accuracy with a buret.

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What Is an Elective

There are certain courses you need to take to fulfill the requirements for earning a diploma or a degree. These courses are usually stated very clearly in a curriculum or degree program requirements list. What Is an Elective? Courses that don’t fulfill a specific slot in a degree program requirement list are elective classes. Some degree programs contain a certain amount of elective credit hours, which means those programs allow students to enjoy some flexibility in a few areas and take classes that interest them—as long as those classes are offered at a certain level of difficulty. Many Choices For example, students majoring in English Literature may have the opportunity to take two upper-level elective courses from a Humanities department. Those courses could include anything from Art Appreciation to German History. Transfer Student? When students transfer from one school to another, they may find that many courses they’ve taken (for credit) actually transfer into the new school as elective credits. This happens if the second school doesn’t offer courses that the first school offered. The transferred courses simply don’t fit into any curriculum.